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Suits me to just stay in today.

Did you enjoy our recent spring? Just when it seemed we could start wearing our shorts and summer shirts, it’s cold again. A cold front is pushing the rain clouds out of the way. It’s windy, and we’re headed for a clear and cold night. It may get down to 38 degrees. This is in the southern part of Georgia, mind you, in mid-April.

One of my cousins turned me on to a nifty weather website. Have you checked it out? You can localize the page for Americus, Plains. Ellaville or wherever. The site includes local residents who report temperatures and other conditions from their locations. You can see daily or hourly changes and forecasts for your town.

You may know, I’m a real estate broker. Currently I’m the listing agent for a certain house, and another broker is working with a buyer for the property. The buyer made a particularly low offer. The seller countered back at a much higher figure. Now we’re waiting to hear back from the buyer. At this point the two parties are so far apart that I have no hopes that they will get together, but miracles happen.

The Farm Credit mortgage financing people invited a large number of their friends to a seafood dinner the other day. It was their way of thanking us for sending them business. The dinner was held at Bison Valley Lodge on Tallent Store Road. What a great place that is for dinners, wedding receptions, reunions, conferences, and various gatherings.

Thanks to Farm Credit for a very good dinner, and to Bison Valley Lodge for a great place to have one.

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