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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Missing Cuckoo BBQ and More Restaurant

Did you visit Cuckoo BBQ and More restaurant when it was open on Southerfield Road? Everyone I know who ate there was pleasantly surprised by the great food and service, not to mention reasonable prices. It was “different” in a good way. Whatever you ordered was freshly prepared in the kitchen, and the staff intended for you to leave full and satisfied.  As the name suggests, you could order barbecue smoked on the premises or select from a menu full of old favorites as well as some exotic entries normally found only in upscale establishments.

Despite the restaurant’s excellent fare and friendly atmosphere, it had the disadvantage of being located off the most highly beaten tracks in Americus. It was literally ahead of its time. The owner opened the restaurant at 1200 Southerfield Rd. in anticipation of the coming Americus Motor Sports Complex, since renamed the Georgia International Raceway Park. That much awaited development will happen, but not soon enough to help Cuckoo BBQ and More. Alas, the owner couldn’t hang on until the raceway opened.

It has always seemed to me that a restaurant is a business in which you can lose your shirt in no time if things don’t work out as well as hoped for. I’ve seen more than one restaurant come and go in the 19 years I’ve lived here. A few of them may not have earned the right to stay, but Cuckoo BBQ and More deserved a better fate. Simply put, it was a great place to eat.

Speaking of restaurants, I see that Green Tea, which was in the old KFC building, has closed its doors. And what’s the deal with the former El Jalapeno? It’s been renamed Gio’s Place, so they say, but why? Maybe we’re maxed out on Chinese and Mexican restaurants for a town the size of Americus. 

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