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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Reflections on news of the day

This is part of what I wrote in my regular morning greeting to my cousin Harriette this morning. It’s just a commentary on current events in the country:

Meanwhile, kids born in Central America ride atop train cars all the way up through Mexico to the Rio Grande where they are taken across in rubber rafts, or walk across, and are herded into buildings surrounded by locked gates and razor wire, where they remain until bused to towns and cities around the country, where they join relatives or whoever will take them in. Many of the “children” are actually boys in their late teens. Many of them will gravitate toward gangs in lieu of real family ties. The Latino gangs are already well established in the cities.

Calls go out to Anglo patriot militias to come down and guard ranches owned by U.S. citizens in Texas, and to turn back the Mexican “coyotes” with their retinues of immigrants entering the country illegally. The Border Patrol, charged with intercepting the illegals, is overwhelmed and is preoccupied with processing the flood of “children.”

Federal employees with police powers and SWAT-like gear will confront patriots in Murrieta, CA, trying to stop buses loaded with illegal immigrants from dumping them in their city. Other militia members will arrive to back up the local citizens as they did at the Bundy ranch. There will be weapons and lots of ammunition on the scene. One finger on one trigger could bring blood in the streets. Amerika 2014.