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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Rainy Day Reflections, October 3, 2014

It’s the changing season, I guess. Here we are in early October, having left summer behind for another year, and shifting into fall. It’s wet today, but will be dry tomorrow, and we’ll see the nighttime temperature drop into the 40s.

I’m not a good blog keeper, not at all. Weeks go by, and not a word do I add here. ┬áNot that anyone besides myself reads it. But I should write to myself occasionally just to have a record of my thoughts from time to time. (You’re not reading this, are you?)

Yesterday brought a rewarding kind of experience, the kind most of us would like to have more of. I’m a real estate broker, as a few people around town may have heard, and yesterday a long-awaited closing took place. A young couple, after three months of jumping through their lender’s hoops, finally took title to a country property in Schley County.

They were happy, the sellers were happy, I was happy, and the closing attorney was, too. If we could have played Pharrell William’s “Happy” we all would have danced – or acted like we were dancing. A Realtor’s greatest reward isn’t always the commission check; it’s seeing those smiles break out on the faces of your customers, and being thanked for doing your job.

Someone asked me why Zillow and Trulia often have incorrect information about homes for sale. I don’t know why, but they do get things wrong. The most reliable national real estate search site is It gets its data directly from our MLS listings, and so is accurate. You can look up any listed property in the Americus Area MLS on my website,

Today’s rain will give our lawns another growth spurt. It’s too soon yet to put away the mower.