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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Change is: good/bad/otherwise

Here in southwestern Georgia, more than a week before Thanksgiving, it’s as cold as mid-winter, or colder. Like most of the country we’ve been slammed by a weather phenomenon called the polar vortex. I’m staying in for the most part.

Went outside for a half hour or so to pick up the many pine cones that had fallen with the rain and wind earlier this week. Picked up three five-gallon pails of them and tossed them onto the large pile of them at my back lot line. Every day I pick up pine cones and dead and down limbs, and throw them on the pile.

My house here on the west side of Dixie Hills is surrounded by tall pine trees. A squirrel can go completely around my house from tree top to tree top. I’ve never tried to count all of my pines, but they must number between 50 and 100. Part of my front yard is what I call my pine forest. The forest floor is covered with pine needles that have fallen there for, probably, 50-plus years, judging by the height and girth of the trees. They are big and tall.

A tornado or a really strong wind storm could be catastrophic for me. Still, I love my pines. They provide lots of shade in the summer. I don’t mind picking up after them. Mathematically, what is the likelihood of my little place being devastated by a tornado or wind storm? Very slight. I’m in greater danger when I drive to the super market.

You may know, I’m a real estate broker in Americus and Sumter County, and adjacent counties. As such I maintain a website on the Internet:  It gets updated every day with the number of properties listed in the Americus Area MLS. Anyone can use my website to search for any property in the MLS. Just click the Search button and enter your desired criteria.

At times someone will ask me a question about our local real estate market, and I may answer the question in the Real Estate Q&A feature of my website. If you have a question for me, please email or phone it to: or 229-924-3089. Thanks.